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mdbmarketing is run by Damian Battle, someone who has a genuine passion for marketing and, real, hands on experience to share across many sectors, helping both SME's and PLC's achieve profitable sales growth.

Marketing Support

for those needing help in golf

Practical help and advice for...

Golf Clubs, Golf Centres, Driving Ranges and PGA Professionals.

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Marketing Support

For companies in DIY and Building Products

Need to make things happen?

Marketing resource you trust to get things done when needed.

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Interim, contract or project work

Dedicated resource for hire
Available for as little or as long a time as you need, you decide!
My Experience

mdbmarketing offers well over 20 years experience and counting MDB Marketing now specialises in marketing support for the Golf, DIY and Building Product Sectors when you need an extra pair of hands to get things done, or a fresh pair of eyes and a new sense of direction.

Diverse yes, but sectors where we have a genuine passion and understanding of the challenges faced, and one’s where we can demonstrate considerable success, achieving profitable sales growth that makes commercial sense.

What would mdbmarketing like you to do now?

Well, once you’ve had a quick browse around this site why not get in contact and book that cuppa so we can talk in more detail about how we can help you, and talk through some examples of work completed?

Thanks for visiting the site and taking the time to read its content, talk soon?