Golf academies and professionals need marketing support if they are going to stay busy and profitable.

Golf academies and professionals expertise is the game of golf – we get it. Ours is golf the business and how to get and keep you busy making money. Resource that is results driven, takes all the hassle away and makes sure you get the best return for every pound you spend. We keep contact time down to a minimum and work around your diary to put together campaigns to meet your goals.

Fuller lesson diaries

Let us help convert more of those players who have an individual lesson into booking a series of lessons with tried and tested incentives that work.

Group lessons are an excellent way to get players involved especially for the first time. As a Pro they are also an excellent way to develop a prospect database and if you get the group sizes right, a way to increase your hourly rate.
We offer experience in running the Junior Passport scheme devised by the Golf Foundation with the PGA. It’s a great way to get Juniors started and if you need help setting everything up give us a call.
Do you track the golfers you know? Every player who has a lesson is an opportunity for a membership and certainly a visit to the pro shop. We’ll help you keep in touch with them with simple, tailored messages so they engage and do more with you.
Is it worth investing in GC2, Trackman or Flightscope? Teaching bays, indoor simulators… there’s more ways than ever to blow a budget. What matters is which will payback quickest and which enable you to generate income? Call us in and we’ll help crunch some numbers and help you make the best decision for your business.
New offer experience in sourcing, setting up and managing online diaries to make life easier for Pro and golfer alike.

Quality is just as important as quantity when it comes to lesson clients.

Its estimated British golfers spend over £193 million per annum on lessons (A Satellite Account for Golf in the UK). Add in the fact that for many pros its their best source of regular income and lessons matter. Add in further that they are an excellent way to attract visitors to your club and they become an essential part of offer.

How do you attract the person who has never played before? Is it different to the way you approach the series golfer? Is your message about fun and getting into golf or just the mechanics of what you offer?

Match Making Corporate Partners

England Golf Union has highlighted that less than 20% of golf clubs have a corporate membership package yet local companies can make a big difference to your business.

Did you know: 54% of business professionals see golf as the perfect networking tool, only 8% selected football, 93% said, “Playing golf with a business associate is a good way to establish a closer relationship”, 25% of Business decision-makers play Golf! 48% of Executives see the Golf Course as an ideal business environment, 20% of the FTSE-100 Chairmen belong to the same Golf Club!

38% of Executives use Golf as an “international language” to break language & cultural barriers!

27% of Executives see Golf as ideal to get ahead with their careers. 41% describe Golf as “a perfect way” to get to know associates. 25% of Executives see Golf as a Sport for young managers.

Source: European Managers by The Welsh Development Agency.

So how much time do you put into business networks?

Working with local companies, here’s how we help…

Brands matter and allowing a companies brand to be discretely managed on your course or range can help fund vital investment in things such as tee furniture or range bay development.
Make it easier for a company to decide to play golf at your club. We’ll help set up and promote corporate membership packages to secure additional revenue.
From group coaching as a team building exercise or reward for employees of local companies to getting more value out of your clubhouse proving facilities for offsite meetings and hospitality. Let us help.
Sales Turnover Growth 75%

Planning and Plotting Growth

Do you have a strategy and a plan for your lesson business? If so, how up to date is it and how often do you review progress? Its estimated well over half of professionals in the UK don’t have an up to date plan (many fewer again a strategy). The result is often confusion, wasted money, duplication of effort, short term panics and poor decision making.

More fundamentally, do you have a grip on what is going on day to day? What are the trends driving your revenue? How easy is it to access useful information and do something with it? There is an old wise saying “if you think knowledge is expensive, try ignorance”.

How good are your plans, your people and your systems? If you think they could be better, get in touch.

Profit Growth 80%

A plan for growth, here’s how we help…

What do you want from your business? Over how long and when do you want an exit plan? We offer the skill to put together and deliver strategic plans that work for you.
Manage your costs, your expectation and we’ll help target your marketing to what matters for your business.
It’s one thing to have a plan, its quite another to hold regular reviews and take action. People change, markets change, your needs change so let us help make sure you always have an up to date plan.
We all need help. Good golfers value the advice and coaching of a good professional and its no different in business. Having the title of centre manager doesn’t automatically mean you know how to manage so let us help give you a tool box of tricks to help you manage your business effectively.

Selling profitably, here’s how we help…

Working on the layout of your shop however small is essential if you want to maximize sales so let us help plan it for you.
Rather than be told what to stock, start by asking members and visitors what they want – simple advice that can make a big difference. We can help analyse your sales for you and increase stock turn reducing the amount of stock you have tied up in cash.
Golfers like a deal, so lets make sure you’re offering the best deals when it comes to competing in your area and lets make sure everyone knows what you have to offer.

Retail therapy

According to a survey commissioned by the R&A over 20% of a golfers spend each year is on equipment, clothes and footwear, equipment accounting for £551million per annum and clothing and footwear £386 million.

Demand exists but how do you manage supply? What do you stock when? How much do you need? How do you work smart with your major suppliers? Retail marketing is a skill and we can help.