Golf clubs and centres deserve better marketing support

Golf as a sport is in rude health. Golf as a business needs support and that’s where we can help. We’re not just another consultancy that offers you a new pretty website and tells you digital marketing is all that matters.  Our skill is in taking the hassle away so you present a professional business at all times to your customers in everything they see. We help owners and managers look at golf as a business.

Increased Club Membership

Do you have an exit interview for members? If you did, you’d identify trends and things to focus on. Let us help and develop a database with tactics to stay in touch. Its much easier and often cheaper to get a member to re join than find a totally new member who plays golf.

What mix of member works best for you? Seniors, Juniors, Ladies, 5 day or 7 day – we can help. Spending time reviewing what you have makes it much easier to then go and find what you want and we’ll provide the resource and the skill to make it happen.

Where do you find new members and how do you attract them?  We can help develop membership options to meet you local area and use tried and tested promotions, events, membership packs and targeted direct mail and email so you work smarter to recruit the membership you need.

The hard work starts once you have a new member and the measure of success is how many renew? Let us help develop proper welcome packs, events and show you ways to keep the communication going so new members are integrated properly into the club.

How much work do you put into making sure members not only stay, but also progress? 5 day members to full members, Juniors to Colts to Adults? Progressions that need managing. Let us help.

There are so many options for clubs today to help manage membership, stay in touch, run competitions etc. We’ll help you make the right investment for your club and your budget.

Membership Matters

So what are you doing to boost membership?

A Satellite Account for Golf in the UK, commissioned by the R&A, highlighted that 27.5% of all spend by golfers in the UK is on membership fees, generating an income of over £1.1billion per annum.

Club membership in England dropped 20% between 2004 and 2013, from 882,184 to 707,424. The 2014 Golf Club Membership Questionnaire found that that the average golf club has 499 members and membership had dropped another 4% in the last two years.

Research commissioned by England Golf identified that 0ver 70% of golfers who play are considered nomad golfers having no association with a club, so how are you targeting them?

Boosting Visitor Revenue

Did you also know “A Satellite Account for Golf in the UK”, highlighted that 10% of all spend by golfers in the UK is on green fees, generating an income of over £433 million per annum? So as long as you’re not greedy there’s plenty of money to share around.

But what percentage of your tee times are filled every day? Be honest are the afternoons as busy as the mornings and what about the weekends?

Approximately 4m people play golf each year and GfK / Syngenta May 2013 Growing Golf in the UK identified up to 12.7m people have expressed an interest in playing golf but don’t. So what are you doing to convince them? And if you get them to visit, what do you do to make sure they spend money?

More spend per visitor

We’ll help you run advertising campaigns and promotions to target the slack periods in your course diary. Course visitors are a source of additional revenue few can afford to ignore to pay whatever some members might say!
Both effective when you understand who you want to visit your course. Integrated together into one campaign we’ll boost your results and keep you in touch with all your local golfers
Just how much will golfers pay in your area? Are you competitive at all times on all days? See what your competitors are doing and what you need to do to stay one step ahead.
Content is king. How up to date is your website? We’ll maintain it for you and drive traffic to it using social media to put your business on the map with all local golfers.
Online tee booking is an essential part of any offer. Do you have a system and if you do, how is it performing? We can help select, configure and manage your online booking system.

Profitable Clubhouses

What do you have and how does your offer stack up against your competitors? Let us give you an impartial view with recommendations.
Everything from menus to club brochures, all designed to promote your facilities to maximum effect.
If you’ve got a facility, why not make sure its used by as many as possible. Foot golf anyone or maybe disc golf? Do you have room for adventure golf or an indoor simulator to offer more all year round? Let us give you ideas that tap into the latest trends in the UK.

Keeping the Clubhouse busy

Food and beverage sales through golf account for approximately £565m pa or £300,000 per club according to research commissioned by England Golf. Factor in income from accommodation, corporate meetings, society days, tournaments and event hire and the money earned off the course is becoming just as important as that earned on it.

How much time do you devote to promoting and developing the facilities your clubhouse has to offer?

More golfers in the range, more often

The latest European Tour Survey: UK golf activity estimates that some 2.8m adults visit a golf driving range range every year. Another 300,00 juniors and colts aged 6 – 17 also attend a range each year. They spend in total over £88m which averages out at about £150,000 per range, per annum according to England Golf commissioned research.

How is your range doing? What do you to get new visitors again and again and do you work on getting those visitors to spend more when they visit?

Making bays pay, here’s how we help…

How much do you invest in your range? When players come to your range what else do they do? Buy food and drink, visit the pro shop? Book a lesson? None of the above! We’ll help get your message across loud and clear without creating a thousand posters and printed sheets to cover the wall.
It’s not buying the one ball token that matters, its buying the 10 basket deal that guarantees you revenue so let us help put together a dal to attract more revenue to your range
The best thing you can do to grow your range business is get new players to come along for a trial session and have a go. You can also target groups such as families to make fun events that boost revenue. Talk to us about how we can help set everything up for you.